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My name is Carl Fisher. I have been designing and creating custom pens since 2011.

I have been among the pioneers of several pen crafting techniques and designs that have since made it to main stream by other vendors including the double ended fountain pen, internal polishing techniques of demonstrator water acrylics and the original Mint Series pens combining various forms of currency with custom pens in numerous ways.

As of January 2020 I will be scaling back on selling inventory pens and will only accept limited customer orders with an extended lead time. This is spawned by the desire to focus more of my free time with family and other ventures in addition to not losing focus of my daily employment responsibilities.


Design your pen

  • Decide on the pen model you wish to order from our Pen Models page or have a concept / inspiration pen in mind.

  • Pick a material you would like to use or at minimum a type of material or color pallet and I can help you narrow down the exact material during the discovery process. You can browse previous pens or our Instagram page for ideas. My primary supplier of material is Jonathon Brooks of Carolina Pen Company. He custom mixes Alumilite in any color combination under the sun. View some of his work here. You can also browse hundreds of commercially available acrylic blanks from Bear Tooth Woods to get ideas.

  • Pick a nib option. Primarily I use Jowo #6 nibs however other options are available. Line weights vary from XF, F, M, B, 1.1 and 1.5 to custom grinds in a wide array of color and plating options from FP Nibs.

Place your order and secure your place in line

  • Email fisherofpens@gmail.com to begin the order process and provide the initial information from step #1 above. I will reply with any questions and start the discovery process to make sure that all details are agreed upon before submitting the invoice for your deposit.

  • A non-refundable $50 deposit is due at the time of order to secure your place in line and to cover materials. This will be applied to the total cost of the pen and deducted from the final invoice.

  • Please be aware that no material will be purchased and your place in the queue is not guaranteed until this deposit is received.

As your turn approaches

  • I will send you an email with an approximate start and completion date.

  • Final payment is due at this point of the process. A 2nd invoice will be submitted for the balance due. Work will not begin until the remaining payment is received.

During the process

  • Typically during the creation process I will take pictures and post them to Instagram along the way. This is not guaranteed but I will do my best as time permits.

  • Any adjustments to the completion time will be communicated.

  • I will email you when your pen is complete and provide tracking information for your shipment.

After you receive your pen

  • If for any reason you are unhappy with the material or craftsmanship of your pen, please email me. I will do my best to remedy any problems.

  • If you have any questions on the usage or care for your pen, please email me. Fountain pens are fickle beasts and sometimes they need a bit of tweaking if something does not seem right. It would be best if you contact me before making your pen do something that does not feel natural.


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